Print Production

Graphic on Glass

Printing with large format printers is a challenge in terms of matching colours and image quality. However,  the flexibility of digital printing on glass opens a new world of options, and compelling advantages for glass processors, architects, and designers.

Digital ceramic printing on glass takes a different approach to that of digital UV. With digital ceramic printing, the inks contain ceramic frit (basically Nano-particles of glass mixed with colored pigments) and are fused into the glass after printing, so that the inks become an integral part of the printed glass. In comparison, digital UV inks are not fused into the glass; rather they are laid down on top of the glass and then cured, creating an ultra-thin printed layer over the glass surface.  

From design concept to printing production, by working closely with clients, I have achieved a number of amazing work which will transform their area into a modern and sophisticated space.



    Printing on glass surface can be challenge in term of matching colours that desire by client.
    Beautiful design undeniably targeting its audience. ​
    Problem solve, Communication, Multitask, Understand the technique and Software
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