Starship Project

Design for Starship Hospital Ward Fitout

In my career as a designer, this is what I consider to be my best work.  

When I was given the opportunity to design a concept, new renovation patient rooms at Starship hospital. The idea is to make the young patients when they enter the wards not to feel like they  are in a hospital. My design  was fortunate to be appointed to print and install the graphics out of a number of submissions from others.

All of the themes you see were created to not only make the children enjoy but also so learn from them.

Some of the characters are based on actual events that happen in the ward, for example a yummy cake with candles to celebrate someone’s birthday.  Some of the children drawing have been incorporated into the finished design and are symbolic to the children.

I learnt a lot while I was there, that there is always something to celebrate, and saw that through clever use of designs an environment has been created  that encourages positive thought, exercise and well being.

These wards were opened and has enjoyed many positive comments.  


    Create design that attracting children, expand my illustration portfolio.
    Beautiful design undeniably targeting its audience. ​
    Leadership, Project Management, work under pressure and tight death-line.
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